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Metrics-based marketing with a proven track record of more than 80 fully satisfied clients.

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Your Current Situation

You own an IT- or Software Business and want to automatically and continuously generate New Customers?

Dear Owner, Marketing Manager, Entrepreneur,

You’ve come to the right place if you can relate to one or more of the following statements:

You have a sophisticated product or service that needs to be simplified and visualized, such that potential customers can understand it.

You are not sure how to reach all the potential customers for whom your product or service would be perfect.

You want an automated way of continuously generating new customers, such that you have more time to focus on what you are good at.

Perhaps you tried running ads before or hired a regular “social media agency” only to realize that neither delivered outstanding results in the long term.

We helped more than 40 owners who were in the same situation like you.

With our German roots and our 8-year experience in generating new customers, we totally differentiate ourselves from any other agency. We are driven by achieving only the best results for you, through professionalism, hard work and 100% diligence.

If you are looking for a clear strategy for continuously acquiring new customers and a reliable, long-term partner, we highly recommend you to apply for a free Consulting Call with us. 

Dario Lapp and Fabian Büngers
Managing Directors of 37 Consult LLC

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Our Solution for You

Metric-Based Marketing Made In Germany.

From our first client onwards, we established processes that helped us to track, evaluate and constantly improve our service. We create a win-win situation for our clients and us, leading to extraordinary results, no other agency can reproduce.

Step 1: Analysis and Strategy Development

We analyze your business and determine the status quo of you and your competitors. We take your offer and explain it through a unique content strategy such that all your potential customers understand what you sell and why they need it.

Step 2: Creative- & Campaign- Creation

We create unique and tailored content for you. Subsequently, we build ad campaigns to automate the customer generation process. We optimize current measures and update you regularly.

Step 3: Going Live & Account Care

After the ads are live, we maintain those continuously, support you with promotions, optimize your advertising media and constantly monitor performance. We ensure that you get the maximum return for your budget.

Step 4: Track, Evaluate and Optimize

We track, evaluate and optimize your customer conversion funnel such that potential customers become guaranteed customers. We detect where users drop off and how we can guide them through the funnel in the best way possible.

Customer Testimonials

We focus on achieving the best results for you. And we have proof that we can.

Urgent requirement of a management position within the company

Find a suitable candidate in less than 3 weeks

Solution of 37 Consult:
Implemented an online marketing strategy to find the perfect person



Qualified Applications


Applicants Interviewed

Tried agencies and hire their own team in-house without seeing the results

Constantly generate high quality leads from high profile individuals in Dubai

Solution of 37 Consult:
Set up a sustainable online marketing campaign collecting qualified leads and directly place them in the existing CRM system



Return on ad spend


Generated Leads


Conversion Rate

New flagship branch opening required strong online marketing campaign.

Quickly generate direct orders to build a second stream of revenue and launch new products.

Solution of 37 Consult:
Creation of a tailored performance marketing campaign on direct channels.



Return on ad spend



About Us

Our Management:

Dario Lapp Profile Picture Managing Director 37 Consult
Dario Lapp

Managing Director

Originally from Germany, he came to the UAE in 2015 with the goal to build the No. 1 data-driven agency in the UAE and therefore co-founded 37 Consult. He helped over 40 business achieve double digit return on ad spend.
Fabian Büngers Profile Picture Managing Director 37 Consult
Fabian Büngers

Managing Director

Fabian worked as Vice President in Investment Banking (Mergers & Acquisitions), he closed over 18 transactions, of which 12 took place in the Tech-/IT- & Software Industry. He founded, scaled, and successfully sold an E-Commerce Startup in Germany.
Mike Hummel Profile Picture Partner at 37 Consult
Mike Hummel


Mike founded, scaled, and sold an IT- Hardware & Software company and worked for more than 8 years in the IT industry. He is also founder of 24 Degrees, the leading tourism agency in the UAE.

What Happens Next?

Lets keep it simple.


You fill out your application & chose a day and a time that suits you best.


Step 2: A team member, Dario or Fabian will call you to set an appointment with you.


Step 3: You will have your free Strategy Call with our Management.
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We only want to work with suitable IT- & Software companies in the market, therefore, we have an application process in place that will give us some insights into your company beforehand. Based on those information we will figure out, whether we are able to help you.

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