Transforming successful local SMEs in the UAE into market leaders

We craft individual advertising campaigns, that drive sales with the experience of over AED 7m+ spent on paid media

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Transforming successful local SMEs in the UAE into market leaders

We craft individual advertising campaigns, that drive sales with the experience of over AED 7m+ spent on paid media

Market leaders who trust us

Transforming successful SMEs & e-commerce brands in the UAE into market leaders

Get overwhelmed by your online sales in less than 12 days and stop being frustrated by agencies, freelancers and online courses

Over AED 7m spent on advertising.
AED 42m+ generated for clients.

Since 2017, we’ve been powering the growth of UAE’s local businesses with digital marketing strategies. Whether you’re struggling with customer acquisition, looking to boost your average transaction value, or eager to accelerate growth, we’re here for you. Our mission is to drive more leads, generate more revenue, and transform your business into a local powerhouse.

Selected Growth Cases

We deliver. Constantly.

Over AED 380,000.00 additional revenue generated since November 2021.


The owner Reza was working with other service providers in the market and tried a variety of methods but wasn’t able to reach monthly targets. He was frustrated and skeptical whether acquiring customers online can work at all. The business was also hit by the pandemic and was missing out on word of mouth marketing.


We set up a proper acquisition process and started generating leads for the entry offer of Real Pilates through tailored, online marketing campaigns.


Stryx Sports, though esteemed for its youth sport camps, found scaling up online registrations challenging. Working with a digital marketing partner failed to fully leverage their potential.


Through an innovative marketing campaign active for several months, Stryx Sports successfully generated over 2,500 leads, translating into a robust 10% conversion rate into sales. This represented a substantial boost to their customer base and a significant increase in their market share.

We've generated over 4.3 million AED in additional revenue since August 2020 and counting.

We know what you experienced.

Revenue Rollercoaster

You experience fluctuations in order volumes. If your business is not growing fast enough, its decaying.

Wasted Money on ``SEO`` and co

We are 100% sure you had a bad experience with an agency and wasted budgets on boring marketing.

You have no clue about your ROI

The worst case scenario is you are spending more money than you actually make back from your marketing.

Website & Store Conversions Are Low

Most probably your website or online shop is leaving revenue on the table.

Lacking Quality Customers

Mundane marketing attracts mundane customers and results in mundane revenue.

Marketing Blackbox

Your employees do "social media activities" but you are not sure if it results in revenue?

Our strategies will results in life-changing profit gains.

Customer Acquisition Arbitrage

The result of our marketing is receiving more repeat customers, 3x higher cart values and the initiation of the traditional word of mouth marketing

The One Feeling Every Founder Is Craving

You know the feeling when everything is going well, the excitement of knowing all bills are paid, the business is growing and you start making future plans about your company and your private life.

Outperforming Competition

With the right strategies on newer and more common marketing channels it is easy to outperform anyone which is stuck with strategies from 2016.


I came to Dubai 8 years ago. I know, it’s a competitive market. Most online businesses are fighting over the same customers. The market leader takes it all. 

If you do not start to change the way you market your business and follow the trends, your business will be eaten by your competition in no time.

 – You will waste your budget on dull social media marketing agencies, that will post organic content, “optimize your SEO” and send you reports with impression numbers and link clicks to cover up their lack of performance.

– The rhythm in which online marketing is changing is fast and if you are behind now, you will be even more behind in 6 month from now.

 These are only 3 of many reasons WHY it is important to take action now and at least start talking to us as we can help you even if you are not ready to start immediately.

Dario Lapp 
Founder of 37 Consult LLC

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Industries we marketed successfully

Fitness & Beauty



Youth Sport Camps

Medical Services

Food & Beverage

About Us

Our Team:

Dario Lapp

Managing Director

Originally from Germany, Dario came to the UAE in 2015 with the goal to build the #1 data-driven agency in Dubai and therefore co-founded 37 Consult. He is responsible for our premium clients and develops tailored marketing strategies.
Mike Hummel Profile Picture Partner at 37 Consult
Mike Hummel


Mike founded worked for more than 8 years in the Dubai hospitality industry. He also founded 24 Degrees, the leading tourism agency in the UAE. At 37 Consult he is responsible for corporate relations.

How you can apply to benefit from our knowledge.


You fill out your application & chose a day and a time that suits you best.


A team member, Dario or Fabian will call you to find out if and how we can help you.


If we find out that we can help you, we will schedule your free Consulting Session where we analyze your current acquisition process and show you exactly how to improve it.
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UAE local marketing experts since 2017.

Our story begins when Dario onboards his first brand in Dubai: SMK – Smoked Meat Kitchen and made them famous on Instagram for their food.

Since then, many brands followed and 37 Consult became an online marketing agency specialized in local businesses in the UAE.

We are located in The One Tower, Barsha Heights, Dubai – Floor 18 – Office 08.

Now It's Your Turn

How much revenue do you want to lose to boring marketing and dull agencies?

To be able to deliver great results, we currently only accept a limited number of new clients per month. We might therefore directly inform you to join our waiting list.

In addition, we have an application process in place that will give us some insights into your company beforehand. Based on those information we will figure out, whether we are able to help you.

Click the button below to select an appointment with Dario or one of our team members. Let’s have a quick chat and discuss whether and how we can help you!

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